Sajjad A. Sheikh Shares His Thoughts on the EU Mainland Alumni Reunion 2016

Thursday, December 8, 2016

“The 2016 LUMS EU Mainland Alumni Reunion was held on November 26, 2016 at the Bollywood Restaurant in Amsterdam. It was a great feeling to meet everyone! Some of you travelled far and wide, be it over the English Channel or the Alps, to attend the event and it is this spirit of unity that defines the essence of success of the event.

A very big thank you to our esteemed guest Syed Babar Ali, who took out time from his very busy schedule to attend this event and shared his thoughts and wisdom. A big thank you to everyone who attended, we all know it takes a lot of time and effort in planning something like this. Especially for those who travelled and made their logistical arrangements to make sure they were here.

A special thank you to those who were directly involved in the organising the event, especially to Fouad Yaseen (BS 2012), Yashrah Masood (MBA 2007) and the LUMS alumni relations team. A lot of time and effort went in the planning and without them there would be no event, no amazing food (at a good price), no souvenirs, no professional pictures and the list goes on and on. Also, thank you to the fresh graduates and the students who attended and made the seniors amongst us feel a bit wiser. I just want to tell you that your time will come as well to feel the same!

What’s next for us? We plan to stay in touch and be each other’s strength; share our pictures and share our thoughts on how the event can be improved for future or any suggestions to build on our strengths. We will soon post information on the EU alumni scholarship fund for the National Outreach Programme, so  please stay tuned for that! (If anyone would like to support it’s setting up, please feel to reach me.)

For those who were not able to attend for one reason or another, you were all missed! And we hope you will be able to make it to the next event.

Thank you and until we meet again!

Sajjad A. Sheikh (BSc 2008 - EU Mainland Chapter Head)