LUMS Alumni Start Pakistan’s First End-to-end Tourism E-portal

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

LUMS Alumni Komail Naqvi (Class of 2015), Haider Raza (Class of 2014), Khawaja Raza (Class of 2015), Shozab Naqvi (Class of 2008) and Husnain Malik (Class of 2014) along with Ali Yousuf (GIKI Class of 2015) are the founding members of Born out of their passion for Pakistan and the wanderlust sparked by their time at university, the cofounders set out to revolutionise Pakistan’s tourism industry by creating a unique product to serve as a one-stop solution for travel enthusiasts in the country.

Here’s what the founders had to say about their experience:

“When we graduated from LUMS, we all struck out into well established, conventional and secure professions; between us we landed roles as fast track MTs, managers at prominent multinationals, investment banking analysts and even CSS cleared aspiring bureaucrats. However, as we settled into our jobs, we collectively felt that something was missing not only from our personal and professional development but also from our sense of fulfilment. As ambitious, wildly goal oriented and driven individuals we just could not come to terms with leading the 9-5 routine for the rest of our lives. We wanted to be part of something bigger, to blaze our own trail (even if that meant running the risk of going down in flames) and to do more with our lives than to just be another inconsequential cog in another wheel.

We believe that it was our time at LUMS that gave us the outlook necessary to commit to an initiative like this. And so, for us, the beauty of LUMS is that it not only opened doors for us in conventional occupations at some of the best institutions in Pakistan but equally- and perhaps more importantly for us- afforded us unconventional perspectives along with the fortitude and determination to chase our dreams down a road less travelled. So, while a lot of our peers from other universities were aspiring to settle down in stable jobs, we were (often quite literally) wrestling with ourselves, our friends and our families in trying to make the ultimate decision between risk and reward. And here we are.

Life at LUMS featured a broad range of experiences for all of us. In fact, our varied experiences as a group testify to the vibrant diversity of opportunities that the campus offers to its student body. We dabbled in different majors and courses, some pursuing formal instruction in a given academic discipline with others volte-facing from one major to another; some of us focused on research and writing, others on sports and societies; some were elected to the Student Council, to the AIESEC EB or as LAS President while yet others were experimenting with entrepreneurship even as undergraduates. But, despite these varied trajectories, unquestionably, all of us fell in love with LUMS. We owe everything to our alma mater and the professors who taught us the value of perseverance (Dr. Ali Raza), of doing our utmost to tap our true potential (Dr. Anne Christine Habbard), of introspection and sensitivity (Dr. Aurangzeb Haneef) and for introducing us to the mountains that we can always call home (Dr. Yasser Hashmi).

By the time this article is published, some of us will be in Lisbon for a startup web summit, some will be holding down the fort with corporate clients in Karachi, others in Hunza and some, as always, will be in Lahore, near our alma mater where it all began. We don’t know what the future holds for us- none of us do. But we do know that our twenties were not meant for us to sit in a cubicle for 9 hours a day only to go home, exhausted, to fall asleep and wake up to repeat the same mind numbing cycle till we finally retire and try to catch up with life when it has passed us by. Instead, we choose to wake up every day exhilarated with the prospect of creating new opportunities, tackling new problems and working as hard as we can to realise our passions and see our dreams physically take shape before us.


Incorporated as a travel and technology firm, is Pakistan’s first online end-to-end tourism portal. The team at FindMyAdventure is committed to homogenising Pakistan’s tourism industry by not only serving as a reliable tour operator aggregator but also as a platform promoting domestic travel and tourism through user-specific customised tour facilitation.

The founding members are committed to portraying Pakistan in a positive light by enabling access to Pakistan’s vibrant cultures and fascinating landscapes with the rest of the world. We consider cultural sensitivity, social responsibility and ecological awareness to be of paramount importance and strive to ensure that any and all activities conducted by our platform aspire to the highest levels of professionalism.