KSA Alumni Reunion News

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 5am

The KSA Alumni Chapter organised its third annual Ramadan Iftar Reunion on Monday, 28 May, 2018 at Big Chefs Restaurant (Prince Sultan Rd), Jeddah in the presence of SDSB faculty member, Dr. Farrah Arif. 

The reunion was attended by many alumni settled in the area, with some new faces joining the get-together in an effort to mingle with fellow Luminites. The evening proceeded to be an enjoyable occasion for the alumni as they got the chance to network and interact with each other, and discuss experiences at LUMS. In an effort to shed light on the worthy causes at LUMS, Aamir Altaf, MBA 2005, the President of the KSA Alumni Chapter gave an updated overview about the National Outreach Programme (NOP) and shared with his fellow alumni the handouts for its Zakat Appeal from LUMS.

After a sumptuous iftar-cum-dinner and discussions on topics varying from life at LUMS to Pakistan start-up ecosystems to politics, the alumni shared their experiences and memories of university life and gave suggestions for further improvement of the student life at LUMS. 

The alumni had a wonderful time socialising with each other and with an esteemed member of LUMS faculty and expressed a keen interest to meet more frequently.