Lifetime Learning @ LUMS to Hold its Second Session

Monday, May 29, 2017

After a successful first session, Lifetime Learning @ LUMS is thrilled to announce a second session of its programme. Based on regular undergraduate courses taught at LUMS, an exciting new variety of twelve, 4-6 week intensive courses, will be introduced all over again this session. These include academic as well as interest-based courses, and participants will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance from LUMS upon the successful completion of their courses.

The second session of the programme will run from July 10, 2017 to August 19, 2017.

The following courses have been planned for Session 2:

1.            Basics of English Language

2.            Ghalib made Easy

3.            Knowing your Better Self (For 9th Graders to Fresh graduates)

4.            Become Camera Savvy: Advanced Photography Course for Creative Enthusiasts

5.            Expressing Through Free Hand Drawing

6.            Introduction to Painting

7.            Nutrition by Design - Healthy Weight Loss

8.            Story Telling and Inner Confidence

9.            Balancing Work and Life

10.          Event Management: Experiential Marketing and Consumer Engagement

11.          Piano Lessons @ LUMS

12.          SEO and Content Writing Fundamentals

13.          Astronomy: The Universe at a Glance

14.          Come Dance with Us

15.          Zumba with Kids

16.          Introduction to Psychology

17.          Creative Writing Vs Screenwriting

A variety of discounts are available for the entire community. These include:

•             10% Early Bird Discount applicable from May 19 to June 05, 2017

•             20% off to the LUMS community i.e. LUMS students, alumni, staff and faculty

•             10% off to LUMS community members’ family i.e. spouses and children

•             Group discount such that if 2 candidates apply you get 10% off each, if 3 apply you get 15% off each, and if more than 3 apply you get 20% off each

*Please note that compound discounts are not applicable, and if you are eligible for two discounts then only the greater discount offering will apply. The appropriate section of the application form must be filled out by the applicant in order to avail the discount.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact via email on