LUMS Alumni Meetup in Brussels

Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 5am

The annual meetup of the LUMS alumni community in Europe was organised on Saturday, October 21, 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

This was the first time that Brussels was chosen as the host city after having had reunions in both Cologne and Amsterdam for the past couple of years. It was because of the immense efforts of the EU Mainland Chapter office-bearers including Sajjad Sheikh, BS 2008; Fouad Yaseen, BS 2012 and Yashrah Masood, MBA 2007, that this reunion was a brilliant success. Many alumni attended the reunion from across Europe; flying in from countries like Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK.

The afternoon began with a round of formal introductions after which everyone got the chance to socialize. The alumni had a great time networking with each other and sharing their successes stories. All alumni generously offered their help to fellow alumni with regard to finding internships, jobs, apartments and travelling. Contacts were shared and the alumni connected with each other right away on social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook; it was truly a chance for the alumni to continue to carry forward the spirit of friendship and support that their alma mater had always inculcated in them.

Living in Europe, as a Pakistani, spicy traditional food is missed by all, therefore, the lunch buffet was organised at a nice cosy Pakistani restaurant, which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. October is also the time of the year when winter starts to hit Northern/Central Europe and the weather forecast didn't seem good for the day of the reunion. What a fabulous surprise it was, when it turned out to be a beautifully bright and sunny day and the alumni actually came outside and had their group photo taken on the street.

The alumni enjoyed catching up with each other so much so that no one wanted to leave, expressing the desire to take a walk around the city instead and enjoy the lovely weather. Most alumni stayed on at the reunion till late in the evening and enjoyed having tea together.