LUMS CSS Alumni Association Holds Informative Session on Campus

Friday, September 20, 2019

An introductory session on the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam was organised by the LUMS CSS Alumni Association in collaboration with the Office of Advancement on September 4, 2019. LUMS CSS alumni, Rana Musa Tahir - PAS (BSc 2016) and Bilal Ahmad - PSP (BS 2014) lead the session organised for all LUMS community members interested in the CSS examination.

Mr. Ahmad, started off the session by discussing the basics of the 12 services with detailed job descriptions. He further shed light on the career progression within the three most sought after services i.e. Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) and the Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP). Mr. Ahmad also talked about the comparison between the private and the public sectors, which ignited an interest in public service for many of the people in attendance.

Mr. Tahir then took the stage to give details of the CSS exam along with what students can do to be better prepared if they intend to give the exam after graduation. He briefed students on what LUMS courses would be helpful in CSS preparation and how they should take maximum advantage of the resources available to them at the Gad and Birgit Rausing Library at LUMS.

Towards the end of the discussion, attendees were informed about future sessions, which will focus on all the compulsory as well as some optional subjects. The Office of Advancement and the LUMS CSS Alumni Association have conducted similar sessions in the past. This year’s packed auditorium for the introductory session reflects that the CSS exam holds significant interest amongst the LUMS community.