Alumni Reconnect at Annual Reunion in Sydney

Alumni Reunion In Sydney


Alumni reunions are a great way to bond, exchange versatile experiences and share personal achievements with one another whilst reminiscing about old times. The Sydney Alumni Chapter got the chance to do so on Saturday, May 20, 2023, when they came together at the Do Darya Grounds for a festive evening. They also had the opportunity to spend time with LUMS Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad and Ms. Nuzhat Kamran, Director, Office of Advancement who were also in attendance.

Dr. Omar Mubin (BS 2004), Associate Professor at Western Sydney University, and Ms. Fareeza Rasool (MBA 1990), Sessional University Academic at Macquarie University, played a key role in organising the event that included a lovely dinner as well as a presentation showcasing the chapter’s wide range of achievements.

Other alumni that played an appreciable role in making the event a success included Mr. Najam Ul Hassan, Sales Planning, Enablement and Analytics Manager at TPG Telecom (MBA 2009), Mr. Bilal Farooq, Manager Data Science at WooliesX  (BSc 2003), Mr. Umer Sarfraz Ahmed, Data Analyst at Canva (BSc 2005),  Ms. Ayesha Usman, Data & Insights Manager at AMP (MBA 2009), Ms. Mariam Zahid, Community Engagement Manager, NSW Department of Education (BSc 2011), and Ms. Aalene Mahum Aneeq (BSc 2015). The volunteers in Sydney also played a significant role in ensuring that the reunion was well-planned and spectacular for all those present. 

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