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The Office of Advancement in collaboration with Career Services Office and CSS Alumni Association arranged an introductory session on the Central Superior Services (CSS) exam on Friday, December 10, 2021 at LUMS. The session was conducted by a panel of alumni, all CSS officers, and included Bilal Ahmad (BS 2014),  Hashim Masood (BSc 2016), Muhammad Ali Zafar (BSc 2017), and Muhammad Hammad Hamid (BSc 2018).

The purpose of the session was to give some elementary information regarding CSS. Mr. Ahmad, started off the session by discussing the basics of the 12 services with detailed job descriptions. He further shed light on the career progression within the three most sought after services i.e. Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) and the Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP). General information about the civil service was given as well as inner details of the top three services were discussed in depth. The audience was enlightened with various positions, postings, designations and ranks on which CSP officers serve throughout their service, perks and privileges, facilities, transfer, postings and promotions and other growth prospects in the service. 

Mr. Ahmad then talked about the details of the CSS exam along with what students can do to be better prepared if they intend to give the exam after graduation. He briefed students on what LUMS courses would be helpful in CSS preparation and how they should take maximum advantage of the resources available to them at the Gad and Birgit Rausing Library at LUMS.

The alumni panelists then took to the floor one by one and spoke to various aspects of the CSS examination; explaining the basic eligibility criteria and timeline, offering guidance on books selection and subject selection, sharing advice on how to handle stress and manage time.

After every alumni panelist had spoken, the group opened the floor to an interactive Q&A session. The attendees took advantage of the opportunity to seek guidance from their seniors.

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