LUMS Alum Becomes Pakistan’s First Horseback Archer



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Mohammad Omer Saleem, a graduate of the Executive MBA class of 2017, has become Pakistan’s first-ever horseback archer. He is also the official representative of the World Horseback Archery Federation (WHAF) in Pakistan.

Saleem represented Pakistan in the 16th World Horseback Archery Championship 2021 held in Tehran, Iran. He was placed at 18th in the Qabaq Track, 19th in the Kassai Track and 20th in the Korean Serial Track out of 45, including qualifiers. He broke the record for the highest score of any first-time participating country.

Speaking about his achievement, Saleem said, “It was a great feeling as it is not every day that someone gets this opportunity. I am really proud that I kept the Pakistan flag high and managed to give a good fight.”

He explained how he is unlike many sportsmen as he pursued this as a passion only. “All the time I could spare in my daily routine went towards equestrian sports as I have owned and bred horses for more than a decade. Representing Pakistan is one of the best feelings ever. I believe that my experience at LUMS has helped me a great deal, both personally and professionally.”

Saleem has also started his own school, Drakken, which offers horse riding lessons. The aim is to create valiant riders who can compete on national and international levels. He plans to set up an equestrian centre in Lahore to train individuals in basic riding and horseback archery. 

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