LUMS Hosts Telethon for ‘Give a Day to LUMS’ Campaign 2022

LUMS Hosts Telethon for ‘Give a Day to LUMS’ Campaign 2022


LUMS hosted its second Telethon to support the ‘Give a Day to LUMS’ (GADL) campaign on July 23, 2022. The campaign was launched last year to engage alumni in the University’s mission to make education accessible to all. The idea behind the campaign is for alumni, and other members of the community, to donate as little as a single day’s earnings, which will go towards financial support, and help talented students across Pakistan pursue their education at LUMS.

The campaign had raised PKR 20.4 million so far, and the Telethon raised PKR 7 million, bringing the  campaign total to PKR 27 million – that is, 27 students funded so far. 

Broadcast live on the LUMS Facebook page in two iterations, to cater to the different time zones of the alumni community around the world, the Telethon was hosted by LUMS alumni from across communities. The hosts were Ahsan Sheikh, MBA 1998 and Saba Karim Khan, BSc 2006, both are also LUMS Vice Chancellor’s Alumni Achievement Award winners; Ali Farid Khawaja, BSc 2003, UK Alumni Chapter President and Adeela Sarfaraz, BSc 2009 and National Outreach Programme (NOP) scholar.

The virtual event featured special guests from the LUMS leadership, including Founding Pro Chancellor, Syed Babar Ali; Rector, Mr. Shahid Hussain, and Director of Advancement, Ms. Nuzhat Kamran. Appreciating the alumni donors, Mr. Hussain said, "I would like to thank everyone for making the pledge to donate towards their alma mater, LUMS."

The Telethon also hosted distinguished faculty members, including Professor Emeritus, Dr. Jamshed Khan and Associate Professor, Mushtaq Ahmad Gurmani School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr. Furrukh Khan, who spoke about their long lasting association with LUMS and why alumni should support the University’s core mission. Speaking  about the how education can transform lives, Dr. Jamshed Khan shared a time he felt proud of the various financial support options at LUMS. "I met a young student of mine at Masjid al Haram, who was an NOP graduate. He thanked LUMS and said that he was hired in Saudi Arabia, and was performing Umrah with his mother from his first salary,” he shared. 

Celebrated alumni from across the globe joined the live event, including several global alumni chapter ambassadors and senior alumni, all of whom connected on the values that LUMS has instilled in them, their deep affiliation with their alma mater, and their support for what the GADTL campaign personifies.

Anwar Kabir, MBA 1997 and CEO, Brand Spectrum shared what impact LUMS had on his life, "The success I have achieved is all because of this university." Muddasir Sheikh, BSc 2007 alum, shared that the case studies he was taught at LUMS enabled him to find creative solutions to problems and now whenever there is a problem in his office, colleagues come to him for an effective solution.

Ali Farid, BSc Economics graduate shared, "When I entered LUMS, I was not able to afford my tuition fee; I was able to study here because of the NOP. Now, one in every third student benefits from the programme." MBA 1991 alum, Nile Awan, narrated the story of his humble background and how proud he feels to be associated with such a great institution. “Hearing NOP scholar, Waqas Haider's story, I just feel immensely grateful to be a part of it," he said.

Moderating the Telethon, Saba Karim Khan shared that LUMS helped her unlock her potential and facilitated her to move forward in life. On the impact donations can make, she said, “The message has to be loud and clear; it’s not about the amount you give, it’s about being part of it.” 

Two hugely successful NOP scholars also attended the live event and took the opportunity to share their remarkable stories. Both Waqas Haider, BSc 2019 and Hafiz Ali Naeem Sheikh, BSc 2017, talked about the impact of their time at LUMS and the transformational journey they have experienced thanks to the financial support at LUMS. Waqas was the Valedictorian of the Class of 2019. He has since founded Chiraagh, an organisation that aims to bridge the socioeconomic gap by empowering the youth of Pakistan. Hafiz Ali topped the CSS Exam 2021 (1st Position) and has been inducted into the Pakistan Administrative Service. Waqas said that the three things at LUMS are unique. “First, acceptance from the LUMS community, second, the gained confidence from extracurricular activities and third, the academics. Also, whatever we were taught, we were encouraged to implement practically." 

In consequence of the deep discussions and inspirational stories about the University, live pledges and donations flowed in throughout the Telethon. It was perhaps most heartening to receive pledges from alumni who were on financial support themselves when at LUMS, and are now paying it forward. 
Participation in the GADTL campaign is more than about simply giving back to your University; it’s about giving deserving others the opportunity to benefit from the same transformative LUMS experience that alumni have already had. Encouraging alumni to keep up with this spirit, Syed Babar Ali said, “Every graduate should be contributing to this campaign because they have benefitted from a LUMS education. Every rupee you donate adds one. No amount is small.” 

The Telethon concluded with vows and hopes of carrying the LUMS mission forward and advancing accessible education in the country.




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