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MBA Class of 1994


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The spirit of giving back to society is the hallmark of LUMS graduates. As a testament to their commitment, and to honour their experience at the University, the MBA Class of 1994 came together to contribute towards their Class Endowment Fund. Originally established in 2009-10 with a principal amount of PKR 6.5 million, the Class recently increased their endowment pledge to PKR 16 million.

With the belief that education is the key to solving the social problems faced by Pakistan today, Eiraj Daud, Class Fund Representative, mobilised his batch mates to give back to their alma mater. Through donations from 29 individuals, they were quickly able to raise PKR 9 million to top up their Class Endowment Fund.

Mr. Daud appreciated his former classmates for their vigour and said, “I would like to thank all my friends for their immense love and care that they have showed to the fund. I wholeheartedly wish the best for the upcoming students who will benefit from the Fund, and shine bright as future Pakistanis who will bring real change. The MBA Class of 1994 will live on through this donation.”

As 1 in 3 students at LUMS receive some form of financial aid, alumni donors play a vital role in making significant contributions towards breaking generational cycles of poverty for families and communities. The MBA Class of 1994 certainly leaves a legacy and forward the University’s mission to provide inclusive and accessible education for all.

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