SDSB Luminites Hold Reunion 2021

SDSB luminite reunion 2022


As LUMS celebrates 35 years of excellence this year, its oldest cohort of alumni, those of the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB) came together on campus on Saturday, December 18, 2021, for their annual reunion organised by the SDSB Luminites Association. 

The luncheon marked the first in-person reunion for SDSB alumni in almost two years, since the onset of the pandemic, and provided them with an opportunity to celebrate their affiliation of over three decades with their alma mater. The support of technology partners such as Excellence Delivered (Pvt.) Ltd. and SAP along with Head & Shoulders helped to make the annual connect special.  

With a turnout of 300 plus alumni, the event was well attended by members of the LUMS leadership, including Syed Babar Ali, Founding Pro Chancellor, LUMS; Mr. Shahid Hussain, Rector, LUMS; Ms. Nuzhat Kamran, Director, Office of Advancement, LUMS (MBA 1988) and members of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Osman Khalid Waheed, Mr. Faisal Dawood, Mr. Furqan Ahmed Syed, and Ms. Fatima Asad-Said (MBA 1997). Industry practitioners including Mr. Wasil Amjad and Mr. Saquib Ahmed were also present at the event. 

The sunny afternoon commenced with a welcome note by the President of the Alumni Association, Ms. Saad Munawar Khan (MBA 2006) who shed light on the running activities and future vision of the association. Followed by Vice President, Mr. Suneel Sarfraz Munj (BSc 2002 and MBA 2005) and General Secretary, Mr. Hassan Khan Sherwani (BSc 2007 & EMBA 2016) talked about their experience and how LUMS has changed their outlook as individuals over the years. 

On behalf of the University, Ms. Kamran then took the stage and warmly welcomed the alumni back to campus. She shared some of the University’s major undertakings and achievements from the past year, and not only thanked the alumni for their participation but also encouraged them to continue to pitch in for the long-term advancement of LUMS.  

Dr. Syed Aun Rizvi, Associate Dean Academics, SDSB, talked about the new specialised masters programmes introduced at the School, which will equip students to become leaders in the competitive market, to design innovations suited to community needs, and to create value for their stakeholders through technology and innovation. 

Mr. Hussain also took the stage to address the alumni and reflected on LUMS’ journey and growth over the past 35 years. He spoke of the University’s multi-faceted needs in today’s landscape and the resources now required for LUMS to maintain its excellence. “Looking at the future needs of this great institution, the University administration, the alumni, and all of the Trustees need to realign. We need to understand the needs of the University and the alumni bodies need to work in harmony with those needs,” he said. 

In a serendipitous turn of events, Dr. Hussain’s address was followed by a surprise announcement by the Association, which became the highlight of the afternoon. On behalf of the entire SDSB Luminites Association, Mr. Shahzad Saleem (MBA 1989), a senior member of the Association’s board, announced that they have established a new fund of PKR 50 million, which will operate in perpetuity as an opportunity for interest-free loans for deserving students, and which will be supported and raised entirely by SDSB alumni in the next five years. 

Syed Babar Ali appreciated and acknowledged the Association for this wonderful gesture of support and encouraged the alumni to keep up with this spirit of giving. “I look to you and to your successors to keep this place going. What little we could do we have done, but you have to do much more to keep this momentum,” he said. 

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