Alumni Policies

With the LUMS community growing every day, it is always a pleasure for us to welcome our alumni back to campus. We see you come back for a whole host of reasons, from mentorship and volunteerism to providing support for Advancement, and we want to protect this engagement and ensure its sustainability for future generations. In order to foster this connection to the best of our abilities, we have put in place a set of policies for our alumni community that we hope will help enrich your experiences at LUMS.

1.1 Alumni Entry

  • a) Official entry and exit timings for alumni on campus are 7:00am and 11:00pm respectively. In accordance with this, final entry time to campus for alumni is 10:30pm.
  • b) Alumni are required to swipe their Smart Card upon entry and exit using the handheld devices available at the designated gates. Failure to swipe out at exit twice in a week will result in his/her CNIC being retained at the entrance gate upon subsequent entry.
  • c) If an alumnus has swiped at the entry point but not swiped at the exit point, he/she will receive a warning. Subsequent incidences of failure to swipe on exit shall lead to restriction on his/her entry to campus unless cleared by the Office of Advancement.
  • d) In case the Alumni Smart Card is not available, the alumnus will deposit his/her CNIC in Security Office at the time of entry and will collect at the time of exit. *Alumni are advised to apply for their Smart Card immediately via the Office of Advancement if they are not in possession of one.

1.2 Hostel Entry

Alumni are prohibited from entering hostel premises at all times. Any breach will result in a 6-month ban of entry to campus.

1.3 Misuse of Identification

The following acts are in strict violation of the LUMS code of conduct.

  • a) Extending your access rights by lending your card to someone else.
  • b) Borrowing or unauthorized possession of someone else's identification.
  • c) Helping other people, who are otherwise not allowed access, to get in (including tailgating).
  • d) Failure to report loss of identification card to University security immediately upon discovery of loss.
  • e) Impersonation, for example as faculty or staff member, or as another as a student in an examination.
  • f) Tampering with devices and instruments of identification, for example, identification cards, access control hardware or surveillance devices.

1.4 Obscene or Abusive Conduct

LUMS has a zero-tolerance policy for behavior, action, speech, or distribution of material that is deemed obscene or abusive and strict action will be taken in case of such misconduct. 

1.5 On-Campus Smoking

As part of the university's commitment to the health, comfort and safety of all members of its community while respecting individual choice, smoking is prohibited on campus except at well-marked smoking areas. The smoking policy includes usage of all types of E-cigarettes. The following fines per violation will be imposed for each infraction and will be implemented by security officers.

  • First Offence will result in fine of PKR 5000.
  • Second Offence will result in fine of PKR 10000.
  • Third Offence will result in a 6-month ban of entry to campus.

1.6 Illegal Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages

The following acts are in strict violation of the LUMS code of conduct.

  • a) Possession or consumption of opiates, cocaine, marijuana, hashish, alcoholic beverages or other intoxicating substances anywhere on campus.
  • b) Offering to sell or obtain these substances.
  • c) Being part of a group or circle of students where these substances are being used/consumed.

1.7 Possession of Weapons

The possession, storage, use or threat of use on campus of firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, firecrackers or other weapons is strictly prohibited.

1.8 Photography

Any kind of wedding, fashion, or commercial photography is not allowed on LUMS premises. Violations will result in a 6-month ban on entry to campus.

1.9 Parking

  • a) Alumni are eligible for a Car Parking Sticker for a single vehicle that can be collected from the Office of Advancement upon application.
  • b) The designated parking area for alumni is the Free Parking area. All other spots are off limits. Any parking violations will lead to a fine of PKR 3000/- to be paid within one week of notification. Entry to campus will be banned upon failure to comply.